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Liposuction and body sculpting

Liposuction and body sculpting

Liposuction and body sculpting are the most popular plastic surgeries at present and the most common among all plastic procedures, especially with the absence of fat returning to the body after it is extracted. That is exactly what the patients with local fat accumulation are looking for, especially after the failure of their journey to eliminate it by all other means, such as following a balanced diet or exercising. 
What is the liposuction procedure?
Body liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that aims to dissolve local excess body fat due to heredity factors or some change in hormones. Body fat is removed from the body through the Vaser technique, which is a procedure for liposuction and not weight loss. Vaser can remove fatty deposits in the abdomen, back, chin, thighs, etc., which may persist even after losing excess body weight and approaching the ideal weight. It is also possible to get rid of it through laser beams, but Vaser is the newest and most widespread technique used by plastic surgeons.
How is liposuction performed by Dr. Mina Mamdouh, plastic surgeon, and body contouring specialist?
In the beginning, the specialized anesthesiologist applies general anesthesia to you. Then Dr. Mina Mamdouh makes small surgical incisions in the area to be liposuctioned. Then he inserts the tip of the Vaser device, which dissolves fatty deposits under the influence of ultrasound. After it is completely broken down, it is removed from the body to get rid of it forever.
But in the beginning, before carrying out the surgery, Dr. Mina Mamdouh will make sure that you are suitable for the suction process and that your health and physical condition are suitable for it by requesting many physical and laboratory tests and asking you about your medical history. Also, he will ask you to stop taking any anti-inflammatory drugs, nicotine, or alcohol to ensure that the process passes safely without any bleeding. Then, after completing the liposuction procedure, you will be dviced to:
• Wear a medical corset that tightens the liposuction area; to reduce the swelling resulting from the surgery and help show a satisfactory result as soon as possible.
• Not to practice any strenuous exercise or any violent physical exertion after the procedure for at least two weeks.
• Administer the medications Dr. Mina Mamdouh may prescribe, such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, to prevent infection and control the post-operative pain attacks as much as possible.
• Periodically change the surgical bandages of the surgical incisions, in the same way described for you to avoid infection.
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Body sculpting is how to reach your ideal body shape. Sculpting is done either by sculpting the body with Vaser, laser, cooling, exercise, performing some massages, or mesotherapy injections.
Four-dimensional liposculpting:
It is a process that aims to highlight the shape of the body's muscles after removing the layers of fat accumulated either above the muscles or between them, which makes the body athletic and highly streamlined because it tightens the sagging skin and makes it adjacent to the muscle. It is a very precise process that lasts between 2 and 6 hours, after which the patient is discharged and requires a recovery period of up to 14 days before returning to their normal activities.

Characteristics of the ideal candidates for 4D body sculpting:
The body sculpting process, as we mentioned, differs totally from the liposuction process, especially the four-dimensional body sculpting, so it requires the following criteria:
• A harmonious body, or at least close to ideal, that does not suffer from general obesity.
• Good health and suitability for sculpting and undergoing general anesthesia.
• The absence of any chronic diseases.
• No smoking.
• No craving for alcohol.
• Stop taking anti-inflammatory or anti-coagulant medications for at least two weeks before the surgery to avoid bleeding during and after the surgery.
• No family history of any chronic disease.
4D body sculpting process steps with Dr. Mina Mamdouh:
In the beginning, after evaluating the patient's overall condition and requesting several physical and laboratory tests, the specialized anesthesiologist will apply general anesthesia to him. Then Dr. Mina begins to make some surgical incisions, through which the tip of the Vaser device is inserted to melt the fat in the area to be sculpted. After it is dissolved and finally removed from the body, Dr. Mina Mamdouh tightens the skin and removes any excess skin to get rid of any sagging and give the body the athletic shape that is everyone's dream. Then Dr. Mina Mamdouh closes the wound, according to its location, with simple cosmetic threads that do not leave any scars on the skin in the future because they are of high quality and dissolve over time. Then he puts medical bandages on the skin and advises you to stay in the hospital for at least one night to check your health before you leave. 
Instructions that you must adhere to after body sculpting with Dr. Mina Mamdouh:
• Stay in the hospital for at least one night to ensure a stable health state after the surgery.
• Take a rest after the surgery and do not return to normal life, except after at least two weeks.
• Drink plenty of water, at least 2 to 3 liters per day.
• Wear the medical corset that Dr. Mina Mamdouh will advise you to wear to reduce the feeling of swelling as much as possible and reduce the recovery period.
• Do not practice violent exercise or strenuous physical activity for at least two weeks.
• Take antibiotics and painkillers that Dr. Mina Mamdouh may prescribe for you after the procedure; to control the feeling of pain and prevent any possible infection.
• Take care of the surgical incisions in the way you will be advised to avoid any infection.
The result of the body sculpting process appears immediately after the end of the procedure, but the final result appears after at least three to six months. You must follow Dr. Mina Mamdouh's instructions to help reduce the recovery period and speed up the result appearance. It is also necessary to maintain a healthy diet as much as possible and do some simple exercises, such as walking for at least half an hour a day, to extend the sculpting effect and permanently eliminate local obesity.
Body sculpting complications that could occur include:
Vaser body sculpting and liposuction are extremely safe and have no side effects, but some patients may experience the following:
• Infection at the site of suction or sculpting.
• Burns or inflammations at the site of the sculpture.
We encourage you to consult Dr. Mina Mamdouh, a plastic and body sculpting specialist, as your exposure to any of these risks would be reduced if you choose a specialized plastic surgeon.

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