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Breast reduction and lift

Breast reduction and lift

Although the breasts are regarded as a symbol of femininity, their enlargement in a way that exceeds the consistency of the body shape is a curse for the woman, and it is not a manifestation of femininity at all. The breast is one of the areas where a heavy buildup of fat cells arises due to the increase in body weight and the accumulation of fat. 

Women may even experience severe shoulder and neck pain as a result of it, which makes it difficult for them to lead regular lives, diminishes the attractiveness of their appearance, and lowers their self-satisfaction. Here comes the role of breast reduction and lift surgery in achieving consistency between the size of the breast and the rest of the body parts. Let us discuss the procedure's steps and the advice of Dr. Mina Mamdouh, a specialist in plastic surgery, sculpting, and body shaping, for a perfect and safe outcome.

What is the breast reduction and lift procedure?
It is a surgical technique that removes glandular and fat tissue from the breast that had built up due to either excessive weight gain or numerous hormonal fluctuations, to achieve harmony between the size of the breast and the rest of the body. The goal of removal is to lessen the weight that the breasts place on the neck, back, and vertebrae. This enables movement that is pain-free as well as free from concerns about a woman's confidence or related psychological or medical issues.

When do women go for breast reduction and lift procedures?
The best treatment for persistent back and neck issues brought on by big breasts is breast reduction and lift surgery. It is also regarded as the best course of action when: 
• Body shape is inconsistent with enormous breast size, negatively affecting its owner.
• The huge breast size embarrassed and attracted attention.
• Difficulty finding special bras.
• Movement difficulties due to the large size of the breast.
• Over the age of 18.
• More than 8 months have elapsed since the last time the mother breastfed; this will ensure that the breasts regain their usual size.

However, you need to follow these steps before having a breast lift and reduction surgery with Dr. Mina Mamdouh:
• Several clinical and laboratory tests are carried out to ensure that your health condition is suitable for performing the surgery under general anesthesia.
• Inform the doctor of your medical history and your family-inherited diseases.
• Tell your doctor about all the medications you are taking.
• Quit smoking and drinking any alcoholic substances.
• Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and nutritional supplements at least two weeks before the procedures; to avoid bleeding during and after the surgery.
• X-rays and scans to determine whether a hormone problem or another factor is the primary cause of your breast enlargement.
• Ensure that the weight is close to the ideal weight.
• Since the placement and position of the nipple and areola will vary with breast reduction and lift, be sure to discuss your expectations for the surgery with Dr. Mina Mamdouh.
• Be aware of the post-operative instructions and the duration of your hospital stay.

A safe breast examination is your way to prevent the complications of large breasts:
Before going for breast reduction and lift procedures, you should undergo a thorough physical examination, a blood test, and an electrocardiogram, along with an ultrasound examination and mammography. This is done to rule out any potential breast diseases, such as breast cancer.

Breast Reduction and Lift Surgical Steps with Dr. Mina Mamdouh:
Initially, after Dr. Mina Mamdouh confirms your suitability for the surgical procedure, he will apply general anesthesia with the assistance of an anesthesiologist. Then he will make a surgical incision around the areola and under the breast. He will then begin melting and suctioning excess breast fat, as well as removing any fatty tissues in the breasts and attempting to make their size proportional to the body. The nipple and areola will then be relocated to a suitable position for the new breast size. Dr. Mina Mamdouh will then close all surgical incisions with cosmetic sutures that fade over time and leave no scars that could affect the shape of your breast. He will then cover them with dressings and gauze and attach special drainage tubes to remove any fluids or blood that may accumulate in the breast, causing swelling and enlargement. You will be asked to empty them later during the recovery period.

Following the procedure, you will be instructed to: 
• Change the dressing over the surgical incision areas and keep them clean at all times to avoid infection.
• Continue to empty drainage tubes of liquids as directed.
• Rest without engaging in any strenuous physical activity and continue walking for 30 minutes each day to promote blood circulation and prevent clots.
• Take the prescribed antibiotics and medications as directed to shorten the recovery time and manage any infection or pain.
• Wearing a medical corset to tighten the breast and reduce edema and the recovery period significantly.
• Avoid prolonged sun exposure to protect the surgery wounds and hasten the healing process.

The outcomes of the breast lift and reduction surgery start to show immediately, but the full effect takes time to develop. The final result will appear better once the post-surgical swelling has subsided. Because Dr. Mina Mamdouh utilizes the best and most recent imported cosmetic threads that do not leave scars behind, all scars at the incision site will gradually disappear over time. 

Side effects that may result from breast reduction and lift:
Breast reduction and lift procedures are the perfect solutions for exaggerated breast size, which negatively affects everyone who suffers from it. It is completely safe, but some side effects may occur in some cases, such as:
• Bleeding during or after the surgery.
• Exaggerated edema or hematoma after the surgery.
• Decreased nipple sensation.
• Breastfeeding problems.
• Darkening of the skin of nipple and areola.
• Excessive post-surgical pain.

Does breast lift and reduction surgery affect future breastfeeding?
The idea of expecting how breast reduction and lifting might affect the breastfeeding process is challenging because it is predicted that after the procedure, blockage of the milk ducts will occur, and the milk supply may decrease significantly. Of course, every surgery has side effects. In every situation, before your surgery, Dr. Mina Mamdouh will go through all the potential negative effects of breast reduction with you.

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