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Your beauty is immediately enhanced by breast reduction and lift

When the increase in the size of the female areas is a curse for its owners and not a symbol of femininity, we are referring to the large breast size issue, which negatively affects many women in a way that greatly disturbs them. Fortunately, it can be resolved with Dr. Mina Mamdouh, a plastic surgeon and expert in body contouring, through a straightforward procedure to reduce and raise the breast, as well as to get rid of all those issues that prevent the practice of life normally. 
Due to excessive weight gain or hormonal changes that contribute to enlarged breast tissue, women may have huge breasts, which hinders rather than enhances the image of female beauty. One of the most common problems caused by large breast size in women is chronic back and neck pain, extreme difficulty in choosing appropriate and suitable clothing sizes, difficulty breathing, the occurrence of infections under the breast fold, which causes a foul odor, in addition to affecting their appearance and confidence, and increasing their sense of shame about the appearance of their breasts.

Here is the role of breast lifting and reduction surgery, which removes excess breast tissue and makes the breasts much smaller and lighter, reflecting a more feminine form.
Who are the candidates for breast lift and reduction with Dr. Mina Mamdouh?
• Over 17 years old.
• Huge breast size contributes significantly to the confidence crisis.
• Large breast size affects the feeling of comfort and even causes back and shoulder pain.
• Severe breast sagging and inconsistent shape with other body parts.
• Absence of chronic illnesses, such as hypertension or diabetes.
• Non-smokers.
Steps to reduce and lift breasts with Dr. Mina Mamdouh:
First, general anesthesia is applied to you under the supervision of a specialized anesthesiologist. Then Dr. Mina Mamdouh begins to make T-shaped surgical incisions around the brown areola, extending to the natural line under the breast, to start removing the excess tissue from the breast and relocating the nipple to a new site suitable for the new size of the breast. Then the surgical incisions are sutured and covered with special medical bandages to help speed up the healing process. The process of breast lifting and reduction takes 3–4 hours in the operating room.
What happens following a reduction and lift surgery with Dr. Mina Mamdouh, a plastic surgeon?
The pain following your breast lifting and reduction procedure with Dr. Mina Mamdouh will be minimal and manageable with the help of the medications your doctor has prescribed. He will also advise you to wear a specialized medical corset or bra to lessen swelling following surgery.
Is the outcome of breast lift and reduction surgery permanent?
Yes, the woman will achieve a very satisfactory result in the shape of her breasts, making them lighter in weight, decreasing their sagging, and more consistent with the rest of the body's shape. However, the weight must be controlled after the surgery to maintain the result permanently without side effects. 
After the surgery, Dr. Mina Mamdouh will check your health. After that time, he will let you go home, but only if you follow the instructions he gave you as precisely to achieve the best surgical results.

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